Tuesday, 18 February 2020

We're having a girl!

gender reveal ideas

If you read my previous post (11 Ways to Tell If You're Having a Boy or Girl) then you have probably been waiting for the update on what sex our baby is. Well, we're having a girl! On February 11th we went for our anatomy ultrasound scan where they measure each part of the baby to make sure it's growing fine. It is also possible to find out the sex at this stage if you wish to, which we did. We asked the sonographer to write the results down for us so that we could open it in the car. We wanted to film our reaction so that we could use that video to announce to our friends and family what we were having. It will also be part of the next instalment in my pregnancy journey video which will be up on my youtube channel soon.

On the 16th we took our immediate family out for a meal to announce what we were having, and also for our parents to meet for the first time. Not going to lie it was pretty hard for us to keep it quiet for five days, but I wanted to get Williams birthday (the 14th) done before we told anyone. 

As we already knew the sex, having a gender reveal party with balloons or canons was a bit pointless so I decided to make some cupcakes as a way of revealing it to everyone else. Everyone ate one so it is safe to say they were edible enough!

Now that we know the sex, we need to think of names, rearrange the house (we only have a 2 bed) and buy clothes. June 24th here we come!


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