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11 Ways to Tell If You're Having a Boy or a Girl

how to work out the sex of unborn baby

In case you've not kept up with my other social media accounts, I'm pregnant. Today I finally find out the sex of my baby at the gestational age of 20 weeks and 6 days.
Since my partner and I decided that we were going to find out, it's all I've been thinking about, and if like me you've been dying to find out the sex, there are a million old wives tales that can help you determine the result.
Obviously, nothing is 100%, not even an ultrasound scan, so until the day of birth it's a guessing game. But it's still a bit of fun to try and figure it out.
So, did these old wives tales work for me?

Fetal Heart Rate 
According to generations of women, a heart rate of 140 beats per minute or above means you're having a girl, and less than 140 means you're having a boy. Apparently, it's because girls are usually born smaller and therefore their heart beats faster, but my younger sisters birthweight was higher than my brothers so I'm not sure on this one. For reference, my baby's heart rate at my 16 weeks check-up was 157 beats per minute.

High Bump or Low Bump
Apparently carrying low means you'll have a boy, and carrying high means a girl.
I'm carrying pretty central at the moment, so not really helpful for my situation.

Carrying Around or In Front
Similarly, if your bump looks round and to the front, it's a boy, but if your bump looks more spread out to the sides then its a girl. These actually have nothing to do with the sex of your baby as it depends on your body shape to start with. Still, its a fun guessing game for strangers to approach you and tell you that you're definitely having a boy/girl.
Personally, I think my bump looks more round and to the front, which would suggest a boy.

Wedding ring on a piece of string
If you're married, tying your wedding ring onto a piece of string, having the pregnant mother lay down and holding said string and ring above the belly (apparently best to do it over the belly button) will determine the sex. I'm not married so I used a pendulum charm, but if it moves in a circular motion then it's a girl, if it moves in figure-eight or oval then it's a boy.
We tried this and my partner and I couldn't decide what motion it was swaying in, so maybe get a third party to be the decider.

Morning sickness
According to mums-of-past, bad morning sickness in the first trimester means you'll have a girl. Now, this is one that I'm still unsure of because when I was pregnant with my first, I had morning sickness, and he turned out to be a boy. However, this time around I have hyperemesis gravidarum which is severe morning sickness. I've actually had to go to the hospital twice and be put on a drip because of it.
My sister had a boy and didn't have any morning sickness, neither did my sister in law, and my best friend is having a boy and she wasn't too bad with morning sickness. However, I know women who have gone on to have girls who also didn't have morning sickness. So I don't know if I'm just a wimp and can't handle the hormones as well as other people do.

Chocolate or fries?
If your food craving is all things sweet then you're having a girl, and if you're craving savoury foods then you're carrying a boy.
I've been craving chocolate like there's no tomorrow so according to this, I'm expecting a girl. With my son, I was craving steak. So either that is a savoury craving or I just had low iron levels. However before I fell pregnant, if you asked me if I wanted some chocolate or a packet of crisps from the shop, I'd have picked chocolate. Maybe not so accurate to rely on.

Chinese Gender Chart
To use a Chinese Gender Chart, find your age at conception, and the month the baby was conceived, and it's supposedly telling you what you're expecting.
According to the pictures of the chart on google, I'm to expect a boy. This also corresponds to my firstborn and was correct with him.

Mayan Gender Prediction
The Mayan Gender Prediction is similar. To determine this, use your age at conception, and the year of conception. If both numbers are even, or both numbers are odd, you're having a girl. If one number is odd and one is even then you're having a boy.
According to this, my son should have come out as a girl so I'm not banking on this to be correct.

Fathers Weight
According to myth, if the baby's father puts on weight during the pregnancy then the mother will have a girl.
What the weight of the father has to do with the gender of the baby I'll never know.

Time to get out those scan pictures. Apparently, it's best to do this with scan pictures after 12 weeks for better accuracy.

Skull Theory
This myth suggests that a girl on a scan picture will have a tapered head and a rounded jaw, whereas boys will have a sloping forehead and a square jaw.
We couldn't decide on our scan pictures. So that one is still out for the jury.

Nub Theory
Based on your 12-week scan, this theory used the genital tube in relation to the spine to determine the sex. Before the genitals have fully developed, they create something called a genital tube which causes the spine to arch. If the lower half of the spine is arched at 30 degrees or less than it's a girl, anything more than 30 degrees is a boy.
Again we couldn't decide what this theory meant for us based on the scan picture.

According to these theories the results are as follows:
Girl: 5
Boy: 2
Undecided: 4

Like I said at the start of the post, we actually found out the sex of our baby today. But I'm not revealing anything yet! Stay tuned for an update


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