Thursday, 13 June 2019

Is social media ruining us?

I admit to constantly having my phone in my hand, or in my back pocket, or literally sat right next to me as I'm lying in bed. It's always on loud, notifications are always turned on, and my apps always updated. My need to keep checking up on people or finding out the latest gossip and news has started to take over my life.
And then there is a social media presence. People are actually making a living from just posting pictures on Instagram, which truth be told I'd love to as well. But there comes a point when we need to ask ourselves if its good for our mental health, our wallet, or even our social status. I understand that certain posts are paid for, so the photo uploaded in question is obviously staged, but when people buy a coffee to literally take a photo for the 'gram, and not even drink the coffee afterwards? Don't you think that's a bit pointless? People literally do things just for the likes and comments they'll receive, and I'm no different, to be honest. I used to be so concerned about what people saw of me online that it really started to affect me and I stopped blogging and tweeting for a good two years. These days I try not to take myself so seriously which you can see from my Instagram and Twitter. Eventually, I want to get back into youtube as well but I find that youtube is probably the worst social media site for 'the haters'. I've received some horrible comments in the past because my videos just weren't up to what the viewers saw as ideal, and it can have a huge impact on not only those who upload but to other readers who would then feel less adequate too.
We all know that high profile Instagram accounts are 'fake'. They'll have bought followers and likes, and most pictures have been photoshopped. It's also best to remember that it's not what that person's life is like. We're only seeing snapshots of their day, and we definitely only see what they want us to see. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of their clothes, their bodies, their lifestyle. We always seem to want more than what we have and it turns into a bit of a game of whose life is better. If we go somewhere nice we have to take a photo, otherwise, you might as well have not been there. We snapchat our nights out and fun times with friends, we show off our new outfit, new nails, even food.
But as bad as social media can get, it's also the only source I use for communicating with people, finding out the latest news (hello Twitter), keeping up with family (basically all facebook is used for these days), getting advice, finding out new programmes to watch or places to go.
I don't really know where I'm going with this post, to be honest. I just sort of started writing and this is what came out.
As much as I'll probably always be glued to my phone, it does worry me that social media could be completely different for my son when he's at an age to use it.


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