Thursday, 13 June 2019

IKEA Vase Makeover

I found this vase in the 'seconds' section at IKEA recently and fell in love with it straight away. I knew it would be a great little project for myself. I've never actually shopped in the 'seconds' section before - they've got some great bargains! This vase (the name escapes me and I can't find it on the website) was down to about £6 from £12! 

I knew right away I was going to two tone it. I used some sample pots of paint I got from The Range. They were about £2 for a tub, and they used some clear gloss to keep the coat on. 

I'm actually really pleased with the final result. I sort of doubted myself at first because I didn't know if my vision of what I wanted it to look like would come true. It's kind of given me a 'DIY bug'. I just want to have a mess around with things at home and see what I can make from them. After I've renovated the kitchen. 


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