Sunday, 8 July 2018

Lake District: Hiking and Wild Camping

While everyone was watching England World Cup Semi Finals, I was hiking through the mountains in the Lake District to find some peace from the world. We set off from our home town and took many trains and buses up to Grasmere, outside Windlemere and Kendal in the Lakes. At first we were just planning on taking a hike to the camping spot to check it out for a future trek up there, but because we had left home so late in the day we decided we might as well just camp out for the night anyway. 

Cue 3 hours hiking up mountains in 30+ degree weather - which I definitely needed to stop many times for. The views were incredible, and because we started our hike so late in the afternoon we only saw one other person cross our path which was really nice. It was like we had the whole area to ourselves.
I'm not going to lie, the hike was hard. I've only ever took one hike before this in the Peak District which was pretty hard and we didn't have any camping stuff with us that time. The path we took to the camp spot was the most direct one so we thought it would be easy, but add in the heat and the distance, and it was actually really draining. At the end of the hike was a massive cliff to climb up with rocks falling at every step. At one point I was literally crawling up the mountain side as I had a heavy bag on and the climb was so steep I didn't want to risk falling backwards. Right at the top was a wall, and just over the wall was the lake. As soon as I saw the lake where we would be camping, I literally took a breath. It was the most breathtaking view I've ever seen, and the grooling 3 hour hike just disappeared because the lake just made it all worth while.

Once we found a spot to set up camp, we put the tent up in record time and decided to take a dip in the lake. Oh my it was cold! I could only walk in a little bit because I was so cold but it was also really refreshing because we were so hot and sweaty from the hike. The lake was shallow around the edges by about 2 or 3 metres, but after that the pebbled floor just vanished into the depths of the lake. If the lake had been warmer I would have took a little swim further out, or if we had stayed more than one night I would have probably built up the courage to take a swim. 

Lake District Grasmere

As the sun started to set behind the mountains we set up a camp fire using log burners. With wild camping, the rules are a little different to setting up at a designated camp site as the land we were camping on was privately owned. We wanted to be considerate to the land owners as well as to the environment so we piled up loads of stones and set the logs on that so that we wouldn't destroy the grass. 

The Lakes were so peaceful, I've never known anything like it. There was hardly any wind and there were no wild sheep in the area so it was literally as silent as it could have been. Even the waves hitting the side of the shore were silent. It was the most peaceful time my life just being at one with nature and just admiring the views. I honestly felt so at peace with myself being away from everyone and everything, and being away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Waking up in the morning and just looking out of the tent at the views of the lake was quite something. Just remembering where I was in that moment was blissful and honestly something that I could get used to. I'd love to wake up to a view of a lake every morning rather that the blaring noise of cars driving past. 
We took a slightly more scenic view on the way back and stopped off in Windermere for some food before taking the trains back home, and we've already decided to come back and check out one of the other lakes nearby. 
This was my first time wild camping and it was everything I had hoped it would be. I've always thought of myself as an outdoors person but had never really had the opportunities to explore as I've never had anyone as passionate about it as I am, so it was a really good experience and has definitely
not put me off. If anything, it's just made me more determined to hit the gym more and build up my fitness so I won't be as tired making the hike up there. 

Have you ever been to the Lake District or been wild camping before? 


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