Sunday, 28 January 2018

Denim in Barca

We went sight seeing in Barcelona recently, and there is nothing comfier than this jacket to wear out and about. The denim is really soft so its ideal over vest tops where the sleeves aren't going to scratch your arms like other denim jackets do. As the weather was a nice 22 degrees, I opted for a suede skirt that I picked up from Wish. If you haven't shopped on Wish yet, you are seriously missing out.
The trainers are from Primark. I don't usually spend loads of money on shoes because there the piece of clothing to get ruined first with all the walking around you would do, so high street places are perfect for low budget shoppers like me.
I loved wearing this denim jacket off the shoulder, as I think it gave a sort of personal touch to the look, in a laid back but still put together way. I am in no way a fashion blogger, so I'm no expert, I just wear whats comfortable for me.

denim jacket: Tobi | body suit: Wish | suede skirt: Wish | bag: Uniqlo | shoes: Primark | sunglasses: Primark | jewellery: Pandora 


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