Saturday, 25 November 2017

I'm writing a book

I've always wanted to have a published book, and I've always wanted to travel the world, so what better than to combine the two?
I am writing a book of the world. Primarily it will be photographs taken from my travels across the globe, but will also feature some insights to the places the photographs were taken, as well as stories that accompany the travel.
It's going to take me a few years to complete as I need to save up in order to travel the world, and this part time minimum wage job isn't going to cut it savings wise.

Above is a first draft of the book cover featuring a polaroid photo that I took back in 2012. I like the simplicity of the cover, and I hope my readers will like it too.

I'm going to try and do all of this myself - I know, an almost impossible task - but I'm one of those people that like accomplishing things on my own so that when its completed, I can look back and say that I did it.

I hope you follow my journey.


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