Monday, 6 July 2015

Travel Tips Part 1

My top travel tips part 1:
Now if you're travelling abroad then you *should* already have your passport sorted. If not then that should have been your first priority before even booking a holiday.

1. to go alongside your passport, you may want to get an EHIC card. This is an insurance card for when you're travelling through EU countries. It enables you to access free or reduced fee state approved healthcare. The card is free but many sites do charge (even though they shouldn't). To apply, click here.

2. that being said, the EHIC card is NOT an alternative to insurance so you still need that to cover things such as ambulance services, lost or stolen goods or even being flown back to the UK. Travel insurance is usually included when you buy a packaged holiday, otherwise banks, the post office and some supermarkets can provide this.

3. research things to do so that you don't miss out on an opportunity. When I go on holiday I plan on only going there the once so I like to see everything I can.

4. travelling around in another country can be tricky, especially when you don't understand the language. Googling forums or websites where people have spoken about the best ways to travel around are the easiest ways to get great ideas and information from. When I went to Rome I googled the different travelling options and found out that it was better to walk around as there was so much to see between the main tourist attractions. I'm so glad I chose this option as I found some great sights that I wouldn't have seen if I had taken the tram.

5. travelling in itself can be pretty daunting so I like to travel with people. This is just a personal preference and I do hope to one day go travelling on my own, or with just my boyfriend as company. We've spoken about driving around all the states in America, and driving through Europe in the future. But for now I'm very content to travel with groups of friends or family. 

What are your top travel tips? 



  1. I still need to sort out my passport. I think it expired about four years ago. xD My boyfriend wants to go on holiday at some point soon, so I'll have to take your points into account. Helpful post!

    Jessica Grimes |

  2. Thanks for this, some great tips in here. My biggest tip would be to check your passport is valid at least a month in advance of your trip. Two of my friends were supposed to go to Croatia last week, they've been looking forward to it for months. Unfortunately his passport wasn't in date and he only found out at the gate! And because it was their fault, no refund either. They went to Wales for a few days instead - not quite the same! Ha x


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